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Service elements:

  • Global acquisition of affordable hyperspectral imagery in VNIR - SWIR spectrum
  • Analysis and integration of various geological, geophysical and geospatial datasets
  • Integration and analysis of historical datasets
  • Geospatial / geophysical education, training and project reviews
  • Field spectroscopy, geological mapping, geophysical surveying.
  • Visualization of data, poster presentations, briefing materials, court displays

Mission Statement:

The five traditional elements of Earth: wood, fire, metal, earth and water often form the basis of questions requiring the application of Remote Sensing techniques and Geospatial data management tools. At TeraElement LTD. we seek to combine the five disparate elements of Geospatial world: rasters, poligons, vectors, grids and points and incorporate them with the elements of Earth. Multiple layers of data are the only way to explain and understand the inherent complexity of Earth processes.

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