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TeraElement Ltd. is accepting requests for acquisition of hyperspectral imagery. Please consult the request sheet (LINK)and provide shapefile (.SHP) of your desired target area (EXAMPLE).

TeraElement is also ready to acquire ASTER, EO-1, Landsat ETM and Historical Landsat data over your targets of interest and conduct all required analyses. Please provide shapefile of your target area or center point coordinate.

Requesting Missions:

Requesting missions is a simple task. TeraElement experts will be glad to assist you in every step of the process, beginning with mission feasibility studies, planning, execution, calibration, pre-processing, data exploitation and report submittal. In addition we would be happy to suggest strategies you can utilize to get the most out of your data acquisition and exploitation. We have a significant database of ancillary datasets that ca aid you in your decision making process and site understanding. Our goal is to make hyperspectral work for you.

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